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Those who know Bob Schwan can identify his work by sight. They know the pieces match his personality; the energy of the colors you feel in the work is real. 

A self-taught painter, Bob has been a student of color since 1991. Through trial and error, Bob’s work has consistently evolved in intensity. Layer upon layer, every color he
works with is a mixture. And as he creates each piece, Bob’s colors have consistently become more vivid and pure than his prior efforts. He is able to finesse balance in
his pieces by complimenting high chroma with the push-and-pull of space and value.

Bob started working in the business world when he was young. Art began as a hobby for him, but it soon became obvious that it was a calling. In 1999, he and his wife Nancy - also an artist - traveled to Santa Fe for a visit. They liked it so much they stayed. The admiration was reciprocal, as Santa Fe liked Bob, too. He was represented in a gallery within 6 months of his arrival and saw continued success during their seven years in New Mexico. They returned to Wichita in 2006.
Bob’s work has been featured in numerous exhibits through Kansas and New Mexico. He has studied pastels, oils and acrylics, and his subjects have ranged from churches to dogs to abstracts.  Although the mediums and methods have varied in Bob’s past, there is no question about the brightness of his future.